We provide scooters, tours, App & service and we share the revenues with you

with zero investment from your side

How many scooters do you need?45
Expected average yearly revenue $52,218.0

Why let your guests use another company’s scooters, when they could be riding around town in your private branded scooters?

Tap into a new revenue model

With Leo, you give your guests an added experience and you get an additional revenue stream.

For hotels that want to give guests a special experience

The new way to explore the local scene.

Enhance your
amenity offerings

Partner with local
businesses to give guests
additional benefits

Stand out from
competitors, all
around town

Give special coupons
and gifts to guests
and staff

Learn data about
where your guests
are hanging out

Your guests are going to love it

The easy, fun way to explore
new neighborhoods

A new, fun way to get
around town
An easy, affordable
transportation option

Offer organized tours
and special activities

Special deals and
benefits at local shops
and businesses

A great activity for all
ages to do together!


Private branded scooter

Always available, exclusively for hotel 
guests and staff

Revenue sharing model

Leo 2021 New Model

The smart micro-mobility solution


Built-In Battery Scooter


User Swappable Battery Scooter

LEO App​


Visit the best local shops
and attractions


Find new locations to explore


Share the city experience
with new friends

Tour the city

A new way for visitors
to plan their day and explore new neighborhoods

Offer guests your
recommendations for the best routes and places to visit

Get Leo & Start a New
Revenue Stream

Your guests will thank you