Tigers are Rolling Together with 'Roll Together'

Jul 26, 2019 | Ofir Heksch
Leo Blog


Now it’s easier to ride as a pack

‘Roll Together’ allows one user to unlock more than one scooter from a single account


This time we have great news for lions who like to ride as a pack. It’s not always easy to ride in a group when every rider needs to pull his phone and activate his LEO. That’s exactly why ‘Roll Together’ is made for.

From now on, it is going to be much easier to ride as a pack. We have released ‘Roll Together’ feature which allows one person to unlock more than one scooter from a single account.

‘Roll Together’ can be very useful if you’re riding with your family, or if you and your friends are just in a hurry to get somewhere. It’s available in serval cities after accepting the terms of use. If the service is available in your area, just activate it from the main menu.


Start a group ride
There are two ways to start your group roll. The first one is from the scanning stage. Just click on the ‘Roll Together’ button and pick the LEOs you want.

LEO Ride - starting a group from the scanner screen
Starting a group at the scanning stage

Continue to scan the LEOs one by one. At the moment a LEO is unlocked and the counter starts running – the ride has started. You can also add more riders during your ride.

LEO Ride - scanning LEOs for a group ride
Scanning the group ride LEOs


If you unlocked a LEO by mistake, you can cancel the ride within 40 seconds. If you’ll do so, you won’t be charged for this specific ride.

LEO Ride - canceling a ride
You can cancel a ride without charge within 40 second


After finishing unlocking your LEO pack click on “Start Rolling”. That action will lead you to the map where you can manage all rids.

LEO Ride - group ride management interface
‘Ride Together’ management interface

The second way to start a group ride is after starting a single ride. Just click on the ‘Add Ride’ button and pick additional LEO.
LEO Ride - starting a group ride from a single ride
Starting a group ride after starting a single ride


Managing Your LEO Pack

The timer on the map shows the time of the selected ride. This ride is circled with a yellow frame. Just click on another rider and watch his ride duration.

If someone has an early stop or just needs a break, the host can end or standby the ride at any time. Just click on The LEO and at the menu chose the operation you wish to take for the specific LEO.

LEO Ride - riders management - 'Ride Together' interface
You can standby or stop a single ride in a group ride mode


If you chose to put a specific ride on hold, a ride that is on standby will be presented with the pause icon next to it. You can opt to continue the ride by clicking on the standby LEO and then clicking on ‘Ride On’.

LEO Ride - riders management - 'Ride Together' interface standby menu
Click ‘Ride On’ to continue the ride which is on standby


Rides that ended before all pack members ended the ride will be presented as inactive rides with a stop icon next to them. You can always add rides during a single ride or during group rides if ‘Ride Together’ is activated and available in your area.

LEO Ride - riders management - single deactivated ride in a group ride interface
Single deactivated ride in a group ride


Roll Together Safely

By activating ‘Roll Together’, the account owner and all other riders, are obligated to agree to LEO’s Terms of Use, and all riders are familiar with the guidelines applied regarding Roll Together.

The account owner takes full and exclusive responsibility for all damages, injuries, and their implications for all participants. In addition to Terms of Use, The account owner certifies that all riders are above 18 years old, and only one rider per LEO scooter.

The payment for all rides will be calculated according to the period of use of each scooter separately but will be charged in full from the owner’s account.