Payments Policy

Leo – vehicle access and use rates


  1. Basic lease cost– 5 NIS (five New Israeli Shekels) per activation (hereinafter: the “Access Fees”).
  2. Ride cost- The charge will be pursuant to the usage time (relatively according to the number of seconds and pursuant to the Rounding of Amounts Law, 5945-1985), this commencing from clicking the designated activation button on the Application until clicking the designated end button on the Application.
  3. Cost of reservations of a Vehicle in advance – the Reserve function- Access Fees + 50% of the Use Fees for the reservation time (the reservation time will be calculated commencing from the activation of the reserve function and until another function is activated – start or end the “Reservation Fees”). reserving a vehicle in advance prior to your arrival in fact to the Vehicle is carried out by marking the Vehicle on the polygon and pressing the designates button for reservation. It is hereby clarified that using the Vehicle reservation service will be charged Reservation Fees even if activation was eventually not carried out.
  4. The cost of putting the Vehicle on standby – the standby function- For using the standby function will be charged 50% of Use Fees (hereinafter: the “Standby Fees”). Standby will be counted from the time your push the designated button for standby on the Application until the standby is terminated.
  5. Order bonus- You are able to send subscription invitations to a friend that is not registered as a Leo user, and receive in return for the actual use of the service by such invitee through your invitation a credit in use minutes, at a scope as Leo may advertise from time to time, which you may use during your next uses of Leo’s services.In this matter it is hereby clarified:1.      The validity of such invitation is 30 days from sending it.2.     There is no limit to the number of invitations that you may send.

    3.     You may obtain several invitations but can only subscribe with one. The invitation with which a new user subscribes will award its sender such use minutes as set forth above, this even if such user was sent additional invitations.

  6. Clearing time- Clearing of the payment in fact may be carried out immediately after use or once every period (a week, a month) pursuant to the discretion of Leo.
  7. Sending the invoice-  By leasing the Vehicle you agree to receive a receipt/tax invoice using the email address that you provided upon registration.