Survival 101

AKA Ride with Responsibility

Leo Ride


A lion never roars without its mane, and a Leo rider never rides without a helmet. Wear it with proud! Always use your helmet since it's your main means of protection while rolling through the urban jungle, and make sure your head is in good hands.

Leo Ride


You'll always be in full control when you know when and how to stop. Learn the breaks. Feel them. Work together with them to achieve a smooth and safe ride through the streets of the metropolitan jungle.

Leo Ride


We don't mean to sound like a cinematic villain, but balance is everything. When you put both paws on the board, as shown, you'll have maximum control over your Leo.

Leo Ride


Don't get lost in the jungle! with the Leo app you know where you are and where's your nearest Leo to tame. If you see it on the map, but you failed to spot it in real life, you can make it wail so it's easier to find.